A focus on business diversification and the development of synergies over the past five years has strengthened SUEK’s resilience to market bottoms.

Financial highlights

Revenue ($m)
Net debt/EBITDACalculated in line with SUEK’s loan agreements.
EBITDA ($m) and EBITDA margin (%)

Sustainability highlights

Total GHG emissions and GHG emissions per unit of heat produced
Community investment ($m) and % of net profit

Strong foundations

Our new management team supports our purpose and values and is transforming the company to be closer to our customers, innovative and responsible.

Social responsibility

The health of our employees and local residents, and their trust in SUEK are of vital importance to us. We work closely with them to understand their needs and strive to find the best solutions.

Stepan Solzhenitsyn, Chief Executive Officer

Stepan Solzhenitsyn

Stability and development

M&A in recent years have expanded our offer, diversified revenue streams and enhanced our ability to generate strong cash flow and margins.

Andrei Vanyushin, Chief Financial Officer

Andrei Vanyushin

Safety and efficiency

Digital technologies enable us to optimise mine development plans, resource consumption, predict and prevent equipment failures and employee injuries.

Sergey Petrov, Director of Coal Division

Sergey Petrov

Professionalism and cooperation

One of the challenges of growth is talent management. We need the right people to help us build new assets, to ask new questions, and to make our corporate culture more customer-oriented.

Natalia Yamshchikova, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Natalia Yamshchikova