resilience through diversification

OUR PURPOSE is to meet the energy needs of communities across the world by producing and transporting heat, electricity and commodities safely and sustainably.

Andrey Melnichenko
Andrey Melnichenko

In recent years, SUEK has evolved from a single-product company into a diversified organisation. Our energy, logistics and commodity businesses now operate as independent profit centres, whilst benefitting from the functions the Group's platform offers. By identifying new products, services and markets, and developing internal synergies, we have ensured the business resilience and profitability and our ability to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Our performance this year has been a testament to the strength of this diversified business model. Faced with COVID-19, we prioritised the health of our employees and their families and supported our local communities’ most vulnerable members. Despite the significant challenges presented by the pandemic, we ensured business continuity. In doing so, we provided vitally necessary, affordable heat and electricity to millions of our domestic customers, kept our logistics running efficiently to support the critical transportation of goods and maintained supplies of premium fuels to our export customers.

To support our new model, we enhanced our leadership teams with the expertise to unlock further opportunities across our business sectors. We will continue to embrace the benefits of digital technologies and embed sustainability into our culture and commitment as a responsible, best-in-class company.

Despite the ongoing global uncertainties, the future for our Group is bright. SUEK, Siberian Generating Company and the newly created National Transportation Company have strengthened their positions as the business partner of choice, a responsible employer and corporate citizen.